VSN Architecture, PC strives to provide the most value to their clients as possible in four steps: Understanding the Client, Delivering Expected Services, Developing Relationships and Always Improving.

Understanding the Client:
When a client begins an architectural project, their expectations are first and foremost the most important part of information for the project. VSN Architecture, PC performs this by listening to the client’s needs beyond the physical building, being available to discuss and develop the program, and finally through educating the client on all of the phases of the project, from obtaining the architect, to design development to obtaining a contractor to final project close out.

Delivering Expected Services:
When the project needs are determined and a program is developed, VSN Architecture, PC’s services need to exceed the client’s expectations that is established. Leadership needs to be inspired by example. Realistic and honest schedules. Services based on KPI’s

Developing Relationships:
During a project, future relationships with clients start with the first phone call. This is where a rapport starts and trust is is built. This also extends to VSN Architecture, PC’s consultants and their employees.

Always Improving:
When a project is completed, it’s only just beginning for VSN Architecture, PC. So much is learned during each project to provide more value to their future clients by refining delivery processes, reviewing key performance indicators. In addition, providing continuing education to their staff allows VSN Architecture, PC to be up to date with the latest code changes, life safety and the newest building technologies and materials.